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There's a Girl in the Comic Shop...

and she's NOT reading manga

There's a Girl in the Comic Shop
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World at large, presenting: The better half of the comic book community.

Because no. We don't just read fucking manga.

Ladies feel free to:
Review and discuss.
Rant and rave.
Bitch and whine.

If you're trying your hand at breaking into the industry keep us up to speed on your progress.

Have a great idea for a creater owned project? Advertise.

If you've made it inside, send the elevator back down.

If you've got any pearls of wisdom to impart, we're listening.

Got a special nut against the comic scene? Spiel.

Last Wednesday's releases suck awful hard? Let us know. Good looking out.

Just read something amazing? Review, comment.

In this community anything goes so long as it's COMIC BOOK related. Period.

Make yourselves comfortable girlie girls. We've broken into the Clubhouse. Bacardi and Pie will be served in the back.

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