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There's a Girl in the Comic Shop...
and she's NOT reading manga
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26th-Apr-2007 12:17 pm(no subject)

Chapter one of Bold Riley has been fully relettered and toned and uploaded to Girlamatic for your reading pleasure. Read the whole thing in one blow over here: http://www.girlamatic.com/comics/brww.php

Hope you guys will take a look!
18th-Nov-2006 03:09 pm - Hey all!
Hey ladies! My comic, Bold Riley and the Witch in the Wild, just got back from haitus and you can read it at Girlamatic.com for free! It's the story of a retired lady adventurer on a desperate hunt for her missing true love.


Hope you guys wil take a look!
(Should be legal, because at least a quarter of the Carnival is Comic-Book related posts -- which is strange, actually, because normally it's half.)

The Fifth Edition of the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans (Yes, I very much like the unwieldy name, and typing the unwieldy name) is posted at 100 Little Dolls. This issue covers Comics, Webcomics, Writing, Video Games, Television, Anime, Books, the Incident at the Hugos, and Adventures in Fandom!

The Sixth Edition of the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans will be at The Hathor Legacy on October 16th. The Call for Submissions is out already, here's a quick rundown:

Deadline: October 13th
Submissions: robyn[dot]fleming[at]gmail[dot]com (or use the submission form)
Suggested Theme: Gender: Roles, Identities and Transgressions (This is only a suggestion, however, off-theme posts still eligible under the guidelines will be considered)

I'm always looking for future hosts. Email me to volunteer.

Posted everywhere I could. Please post everywhere you can.
10th-Aug-2006 09:24 am(no subject)
Adeline makes Slade better.
*jumps on the Devin Grayson bandwagon*

So I've been thinking about this post for a couple days, and the recent Devin links on WFA got me to decide to make it.

Caveat: I have not read Inheritance, to my great sorrow and despair, and thus will not be discussing it. I have read Devin's run on both NIGHTWING and GOTHAM KNIGHTS.

"5. Apparently, Devin Grayson got burned at the DC panel at WWChicago this weekend. AWESOME. Yeah, sweetie? You got hired as a writer to write, NOT live out your wacky, wacky fantasies. Ya should have stuck with fanfic and become a wholesale grocery seller or something. For reals."

GRRRRRRRR. I get snarly at people who dismiss Devin as a fangirl hack. Grrr. This is me snarly.

Read more...Collapse )

In summation, I am a Devin Fan, and I will say this fact proudly. Cross-posted to comics_meta (Dingsi? Check me on this? Is it applicable there?) and my personal journal.
13th-Apr-2006 05:03 pm - Hi.
Hey there. I'm a (soon) 16 year old girl who got into comics about half a year ago. So far I've only managed to throw myself on board "newer" series, mostly about teens, like (Marvel's;) Runaways, NYX and Academy X, as well as the newer Uncanny X-Men. But I really want to get into older stuff and/or series that don't only revolve around superheros. My birthday's coming up and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some good reads to wish for?


11th-Mar-2006 10:35 pm - On Writing
fuck el che
J. Michael Straczynski is writing a column on "writing...with an emphasis on comics" over at Newsarama. Shakey begining but hooked me by columns end. Looking forward to the next installment.

Also been meaning to get the word out on two other columns over at Buzzscope (who have gone back to the popcultureshock url for some reason 0_o).
- Fangirl Rampage by one Lauren Perry wherein she interviews a random fangirl for her opinions on comics, the industry and all that good stuff. 'Girl on the Street' sort of thing. Pretty interesting so far, give it a look.
- And What a Girl Wants by Friends of Lulu Rep. Ronee Garcia.
5th-Jan-2006 03:17 pm(no subject)
*salutes* Hello, all. I go by Molly, and I've been looking around for some other fen to discuss various stuff with. I follow quite a few titles at the moment -- Fables, Girl Genius, Runaways, Y the Last Man, ps238, and several others. I've been having trouble finding Fables fans -- the related comm seems to be largely used to pimp other stuff these days, and discussions tend to fizzle out quickly when a discussion is started. After a futile search for any Snow/Bigby fanfic to hold me over during the year and a half Bill's making us wait, I decided to start my own comm and see if that helped kickstart things. . . bigbysnowfort is where I hide from the latest canonangst, and currently it mostly just hosts a few fics that I've written.
10th-Dec-2005 10:43 pm - Nice to meet you all!
Hi I'm Janelle, currently 17 and have been reading comics for the past 4 years. My friends got me into them by dragging me to the local comic convention in which I have also attended for the last 4 years as well. Not much else to say other than I really tend to lean towards independent comic artists just to get a feel for what else is out there other than mainstream Marvel and DC. So most of my favorite comics come from Image, Alias, Top Cow, or Udon comic companies. My favorite's thus far are Wanted by Mark Miller, Lullaby published by both Alias and Image Comics, and Deadpool made by Marvel.

I have read/am reading:
Lullaby, Deadpool & Cable, Demo, Fell, Strange, Doctor Strange, Battle Pope, Lions-Tigers-and Bears, Agent X, Cable, Soldier X, Deadpool, Marvel Mangaverse, Domino, Various X-Men Comics, Marvel Team-Up, Nightcrawler, Madrox, X Factor, Infantry, Xin Legend of the Monkey King, Revelations, Insignificant Gods, The Walking Dead, Generation M, Canon Busters, and most of the old Doctor Strange. (I feel like there's more but I can't think of them all right now... ^_^;;;)
18th-Nov-2005 06:41 pm - Chobits should die!
Hello, I'm Sofia. I just started to really get into the Sandman comics, and that's awesome. I used to read a lot of manga, I'll admit, when I was in school, but the fanbase is getting a little too cozy for me. I love all forms of comics, actually, and I wonder if I could get some good reccomendations.
18th-Nov-2005 10:05 am - Hi!!!
[default] Ravenclaw
Hello, I am Jamie, and I learned of this community through Jess (dosed_by_you_). I am just beginning to get into comics through both Jess and my boyfriend, Roy, and I will admit I made the transition from reading manga (like Battle Royale, Fruits Basket, and Sailor Moon Super S). I also cosplay, and a Starfire (animated version) and an Arrowette costume are in the works. ^__^ I am reading Birds of Prey (although the trades seem to skip almost 50 issues....I need to get to work on finding the ones I am missing) and Stars and S.t.r.i.p.e. I just finished LiveWire and Witches, too. I blame the beginning of my comic reading on Jack Knight and the awesome series that accompanies him. If anyone here has any suggestions for titles for me, share!!! ^__^.v,
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